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Hey lovely peeps! Just thought to stop by on the blog before I have to start getting ready for work… I took these pictures last night I was trying a lighting technique and also wanted to get a shot of my (fake) nose ring. I’ve been wanting one for a very long time, but I am too scared to actually get a real one so that is why I thought to go the cheap route.

Right now it is hot in California, but then we are getting the weird cloudy weather where it is shady in a hot climate? I don’t really know what is going on with this non sense. GOOD NEWS! I got an interview next week! I am so excited! Am going to be trying for another job too as well, because I really do need a second job. Sucks to be an adult, so don’t grow up too fast.

I will be putting more pics soon of my cool outfits I just got! So to be safe, make sure you follow my Instagram and also my Twitter! I have 2 instagram accounts and that’s because I love video games (xbox to be exact, but I usually have gaming related content on this account) and occasional style looks and “selfies”… xD Don’t forget my YouTube Channel as well for kicks and giggles.

Talk to you peeps soon!

xx Julz

  • natalie
    August 11, 2014


    Natalie Off Duty

    • Julz
      August 12, 2014

      Oh my goodness I’m such a big fan of yours! I absolutely adore your blog! THANK YOU SO MUCH! xx :)

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