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February coming to an end already :( My life as I know it, I am going to be twenty-five years old in two years! Obviously I am thinking way ahead, but it literally just hit me. I know what you’re pondering… ” that’s still young? “. My answer to you is YES, I KNOW. I may look like an eighteen year old or a twenty year old, but you see- I don’t feel like that at all because I still cannot believe my life has past me by. 

Through my struggles and hard times in my past, it has felt like none of it has ever happened. Looking back at those times, it just seemed like I was stuck in a really horrible dream for three years. As much as I wished it was a dream, I am beyond thankful that it has made me a stronger person I am today. Especially my sister too. She’s seen it all and has been through it all. 

My journey through this lifestyle is only the beginning. Our hard times, our worse moments, those really bad days where we wish we never have had to experience… those are our stories to tell and show what kind of journey it had led us to. 

Just like these photos below. I never would have thought I would be led to photography, moving back to California, and to this beach where it was really freezing as it was 54 degrees! (Yes, I am being totally serious!) BUT I managed through to take these photos and suck it up as we were dying a little inside. *derp*

Life as we know it will keep continuing with hard and exciting times through out our lives. More opportunities will unlock and will be fulfilled with our dreams that becomes our reality. I know that’s what I’ve been striving for and I plan on continuing this journey with passion.

Failing doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Simply it drives you to be more wiser to succeed. It may take longer than expected, but that’s why the unexpected is more satisfying. 

You never know what extraordinary plan God will have for You til he gives the unexpected♥ 

xx Julz
p.s. Gods’ pretty sarcastic in His literature sometimes, so prepare to laugh when He answers.   

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