Fancy Little Italy // My Night at Barona

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Literally felt like I was in Little Italy because of the environment. Beneath the casino at  Barona, was a little restaurant and 3 other restaurants as well. It was certainly beautiful! And of course, delicious!


Cappuccino with Italian cookies


Taking escalator down to Restaurant


Italian Cucino


My Sister agian… & my Grandma


Then earlier that evening I went to the Jaccuzi


Coffee Shop with treats from bakery


Photography & Edits // Julieza Bee


So, Monday evening my sister, grandma and I went to Barona to just spend a night and have fun. Ate a lot that’s for sure. Definitely was nice to spend time with them. Missed hanging out and being able to visit hotels and their great hospitality as well. 
I definitely want to go back again. Maybe I’ll be able to play next time at the casino. My grandma won by the way… (of course… haha). So I was happy for her. The reason why we got to spend a night is because well- let’s just say my great grandpa (which believe it or not, is still alive at eighty- something) is a common visitor at the casino there. That is why we got to stay for free. 
Back to the absolute amazing restaurant… It was a delightful experience. The food and desserts were incredibly like no other “so called” Italian Restaurant. I’ve never set foot in Italy, but honestly can say they are the closest to Italian you will ever experience.
Therefore, you probably already know that my Monday night  was pretty awesome and quite tasteful. We honestly didn’t know where we were going to be having our dinner, then Wa-la! We are sitting at what seemed to be a splendid surprise. 
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Thank you for your time. Have a wonderful day/night wherever you are in this world! :) Talk to you very soon!
xx Julz
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