Life’s Better Buzzed // Coffee in San Diego

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HELLO PEEPS! Just finally dropping by to say Hi! I’m actually have to get ready for work soon. ;/ I really don’t want to go to work… I just want to write and make videos, but life takes over sometimes.

ANYWAYS on to my Tuesday. I went to enjoy this delicious coffee shop I’ve heard that was in San Diego California. I thought it was going to be a cafe restaurant type of shop, but the location I went to was near many stores in a local mall I live near by. The restaurant cafe is in Downtown. Maybe next time I will visit the actual cafe :) To be honest, I wanted to try this place out because of the cups saying. Haha. Pretty lame, but fancy cups are just so cool to me. 
Better Buzz Coffee
Photography & Edits // Julieza Bee


So yes basically my sister and I just stayed at the mall and walked around to find places to take pictures for this weeks outfit! As you see above we ate pizza and had our coffees along with it. Pretty gross if you think about it, but really it wasn’t that bad. I guess I’m so immune to coffee it doesn’t bother me as much. 
I just realized I didn’t even tell you what I got at the Better Buzz Coffee. Well to tell you the truth, I had no idea they had so many kinds and specialty ones to be honest. I ended up getting an iced coffee with caramel flavor. The lady had asked me if I wanted to add another shot to mine and then mentioned it already comes with three shots of espresso. I looked at my sister knowing that, that will definitely make me pass out already to begin with (Haha I was drained by the end of the night, I barely could keep my eyes opened)! I didn’t even see on the menu til after she had mentioned that it came with triple!
My sister on the other hand, as we’re eating pizza, was already acting weird… She tends to get “high” off her frappuccino coffee drink whenever she is offered. You might think I am exaggerating, but I’m being serious. Haha.
Well I must be taken off now. Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your day. Will be writing more tomorrow. Today was pretty much a blah kind of day. Talk to you guys later!
xx Julz  


Simple Lazy Monday Night in Southern California ♥

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Whats up guys! So right now it is currently 10 at night and I honestly was trying to work on this and my other blog, but then all these things came up where I actually needed to drive somewhere (which I hate to do errands for my mom, it drives me crazy)… 

Honestly had some Co-Cola during the day too? Which has been a long time since I’ve had Coke. Interesting fact about me I guess you can say…
Photography & Edits // Julieza Bee


Well as you saw above I had a bagel earlier in the day from Einstein Bros (my favorite place to get bagels from! Mmm…!) with cream cheese. Also later in the night I got to talk to one of my good friends from Arizona (Kristine from the iphone picture)! I missed her and everybody there! I want to visit everybody back where I used to live. Hopefully soon in August or September…
I am planning to go to Oregon in August to see my 2nd cousin get married. Which will be exciting because I’ve never been to Oregon and haven’t seen my grandma’s side of the family in years! It will be super cool to see them again.  Also to explore Oregon as a tourist. :)  I will be most definitely bringing a long my laptop, camera, awesome new clothes (or should I save my money to buy clothes from Oregon? Haha…), and of course my phone!
Don’t worry I’ll be taking lots of cool pictures and blogging everyday as much as I can! Even showing you guys some on Instagram! (Make sure you follow me by then to know what I am doing that exact moment!) Even on my other Instagram account!
Okay, lastly I am a HUGE fan of MTV’s popular TV show TeenWolf! If you don’t know that show, then what the heck you need to watch it! It’s so interesting and way better than those “vampire TV shows”… (sorry to all of you vampire fans). I love Dylan O’Brien oh my gosh ever since Season 1 I was like, “this dude is soooo cute!” as I already knew he was going to be super adorable and bad-ass in the upcoming seasons. I hope you guys don’t mind me fangirling over this. :)
Anyways I’ll most likely be writing to you guys tomorrow on the social networks and also on here on my blog. :) As I am going to be trying out this new coffee place tomorrow, going to be taking some new fashion outfit pictures for this weeks upcoming fashion blog post, and writing about the coffee place while I’m there sharing photos (sneak peeks of course in the outfit I’ll be wearing) with you. Hope you guys a have an awesome rest of the night! See you tomorrow!
xx Julz

Dennys in San Diego California

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Hello lovely people, just here hanging out with my grandma earlier this friday morning. I didn’t really have time to upload photos and write on my blog but I am home now from work and finally am writing  (of course at 11 at night…)! Take a look below of all these photos I’ve captured spending time with my grandma at Denny’s. (:

I honestly hate syrup, but wanted to take a picture with the syrup dramatically slowly coming off the fork… (haha… only me).
Photography & Edits // Julieza Bee


So basically this is my FIRST Lifestyle post! Woo- hoo!  Finally! Well to start off, this was in the afternoon today (Friday), so my grandma and I shared one of their  NEW  plates from one of the menus (I forgot which one it was), but it was so delicious! I also had their  stack of pancakes with butter and a cup of coffee. It was quite nice to spend time with her as I haven’t in awhile because of my work schedule. Overall the food and conversation was great! 
As you probably saw my grandma was on her phone almost half of the time (she’s worst than me… (; jk!), I honestly don’t know what she was doing, but I was just taking photos here and there to capture “my moments in eating” I guess you can say. Messing with the different settings on my camera. 
The last picture (please excuse my “recent bought” white dirty shoes that I need to wash…), was just an “artsy” idea I had? I really don’t know what I was going for, but the sky was definitely beautiful and so was the weather!
But to say the least, it was an amazing day just to go out and enjoy the little moments in life. I love to enjoy every moment I get just to breathe in the morning air, don’t you? Well I hope you have an awesome weekend with whomever you spend it with as I’m going to spend mine in my bed til I have to work the night shift. Ugh. 
Anyways, do something with your life that you have awaiting. You won’t be surprised, if there’s no dedication. 
xx Julz