Minimal California Morning

Friday, March 6, 2015 Permalink 0

HELLO FRIENDS. Just got home not too long ago. Ugh… so exhausted and tired. Work has been hectic for sure. 

Alright, so this morning I had basically finished up editing my new video that comes out on sunday! So be on the look out for that one. It’s more of a honest and awkward video of my experience of meeting this guy back when I used to live in Arizona. Haha…

Also this morning I felt like the lighting was cool enough to take minimalist photos. Especially drinking hot coffee. Mmm funny how a white cup can be easily stained? Unless I am just seeing things…

Well to tell you all the truth I am very tired… :( Sorry I’m not writing as much right now.

OH! I forgot to mention, I went to take photos the other day, but my sister didn’t do a good job. So I will be retaking them and the background scenery wasn’t as scenic either. So those will be coming soon!

Purse // New York and Company | Tee Shirt // Hollister | Pink Sweats // New York and Company

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Stuck in C A L I F O R N I A ♡

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 Permalink 0

HI BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS! Just wanted to do a lifestyle post today for you. By the time you read this it will be the next day. It is currently 11:13 pm. As I write, I usually listen to music to my mood or I just listen to my favorite song on repeat. I am really loving this song from Sleeping at Last! Ahhh, I can’t even explain how peaceful and beautiful this song is. 

I’ve been feeling down or even sometimes just a some sort of stress. But I always have to remember not to worry, because to be honest I have nothing to worry about with God inside the heart. 

Sometimes, I smile and feel like an idiot at the same time. Wishing never succeeds, but prayers do.

“Darkness exists to make light truly count.”

See you guys on the flipside! Hope you have an awesome day! :) ⇓⇓⇓

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xx Julz

Fall Fashion Haul | Target // H&M // & AEROPOSTALE♡

Sunday, September 14, 2014 Permalink 0

HI WONDERFUL PEOPLE! Okay, so I have the last bags from my fall fashion haul! I had got a emerald beanie from Target to go with my Forever 21 outfit I showed the other day. Beanie’s are a must have, what can I say?

Lastly, I have H&M and Aeropostale! After my H&M post, I had also purchased the lovely crop knit mustard sweater from H&M! Then as I was shopping I also saw Aeropostale having an awesome sale as well! So I had bought this emerald color crop knit top. I’ve been trying to find a solid color top to add to my wardrobe. Therefore I believe you can say, I am very satisfied from what I got so far for fall/winter. :) ↓↓↓

Beanie / Target  |  Sweater / H&M  |  Top / Aeropostale

Anyways, I think the mustard color is such a unique color. Its vibrant yellow brings some kind of calm feel to it. It’s very modern and vintage. Really wish it was cold already so I can wear it! Because it is still hot in California.

When it’s not too hot in the evening I will wear it! Taking more photo’s soon. Very excited for this upcoming video I will be having for my Fall lookbook / haul video? Not really sure which it will be yet.

Do you like emerald!? I love the color for a fashion piece because it’s a conversation starter whenever you wear it street style or to an important event. Every one can pull the color off in my opinion, would you wear the color?

Hope you all had an awesome weekend! Making a video today, for my vlog channel. Haha oh my… this is going to be a wild one! xD


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xx Julz

August in C A L I F O R N I A

Saturday, August 9, 2014 Permalink 0

Hey lovely peeps! Just thought to stop by on the blog before I have to start getting ready for work… I took these pictures last night I was trying a lighting technique and also wanted to get a shot of my (fake) nose ring. I’ve been wanting one for a very long time, but I am too scared to actually get a real one so that is why I thought to go the cheap route.

Right now it is hot in California, but then we are getting the weird cloudy weather where it is shady in a hot climate? I don’t really know what is going on with this non sense. GOOD NEWS! I got an interview next week! I am so excited! Am going to be trying for another job too as well, because I really do need a second job. Sucks to be an adult, so don’t grow up too fast.

I will be putting more pics soon of my cool outfits I just got! So to be safe, make sure you follow my Instagram and also my Twitter! I have 2 instagram accounts and that’s because I love video games (xbox to be exact, but I usually have gaming related content on this account) and occasional style looks and “selfies”… xD Don’t forget my YouTube Channel as well for kicks and giggles.

Talk to you peeps soon!

xx Julz

Hot Cloudy Summer || CALIF♥RNIA

Monday, August 4, 2014 Permalink 0
It is very hot here in Southern California (Ugh…) and I can’t believe it is already August!? Like, where has the time gone!? Anyways, sorry I have missed these couple of days to post. So I am going to add some pictures from last week too along with today’s photos!


Winchell’s Doughnuts


My Baby Brother


American Apparel Downtown


Driving Around


Buzzed Coffee




Outfit of  the Day
Photography  & Edits // Julieza Bee


So today was a very long day for me. It was church in the morning to all the way at night under the stars roasting marshmallows (well- a bonfire as I like to call it since I don’t like marshmallows). After church I went along with my family to get doughnuts (delicious) at this wonderful place called Winchells. Ever since I can remember its been at the same place for years. I practically grew up there. 

Okay sometime last week I went downtown to visit this other location of  Better Buzzed Coffee which I wrote a separate blog post about hereAnyways I love coffee in general, but love to try out new places that serve similar or something new and different! Driving everywhere, my grandma and I finally found it which took a good 45 minutes to find because it was hidden in a building on the third floor (who knew?). 

After searching for the little coffee shop, we went outside which it was a seating area that had a view where you can look at all the buildings across and side to side. It was astonishing. 

My outfit consists my love for Tillys. The military jacket and leopard tank top of course. Black leggings are from F21. Lastly my shoes are from H&M. :) Talk to you cool peeps soon! 

xx Julz