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Hello lovely people, just here hanging out with my grandma earlier this friday morning. I didn’t really have time to upload photos and write on my blog but I am home now from work and finally am writing  (of course at 11 at night…)! Take a look below of all these photos I’ve captured spending time with my grandma at Denny’s. (:

I honestly hate syrup, but wanted to take a picture with the syrup dramatically slowly coming off the fork… (haha… only me).
Photography & Edits // Julieza Bee


So basically this is my FIRST Lifestyle post! Woo- hoo!  Finally! Well to start off, this was in the afternoon today (Friday), so my grandma and I shared one of their  NEW  plates from one of the menus (I forgot which one it was), but it was so delicious! I also had their  stack of pancakes with butter and a cup of coffee. It was quite nice to spend time with her as I haven’t in awhile because of my work schedule. Overall the food and conversation was great! 
As you probably saw my grandma was on her phone almost half of the time (she’s worst than me… (; jk!), I honestly don’t know what she was doing, but I was just taking photos here and there to capture “my moments in eating” I guess you can say. Messing with the different settings on my camera. 
The last picture (please excuse my “recent bought” white dirty shoes that I need to wash…), was just an “artsy” idea I had? I really don’t know what I was going for, but the sky was definitely beautiful and so was the weather!
But to say the least, it was an amazing day just to go out and enjoy the little moments in life. I love to enjoy every moment I get just to breathe in the morning air, don’t you? Well I hope you have an awesome weekend with whomever you spend it with as I’m going to spend mine in my bed til I have to work the night shift. Ugh. 
Anyways, do something with your life that you have awaiting. You won’t be surprised, if there’s no dedication. 
xx Julz
  • Victor
    June 28, 2014

    Your grandma is so cute!!!<3

    • Julz
      June 29, 2014

      she’s adorbs *insert sassy girl emoji*

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