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Hope you all are doing alright! :P I am doing swell perhaps. This new journey of mine is only the beginning and am very excited to see what is to come. I am trying a new lifestyle in my life, more of a mental and healthy change I will say.

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed and you just have no idea why!? Well, I have been feeling this way for some quite time when I am not working. At home I usually feel as if I did not have enough rest or something. I find it hard for me to get up with my mind over thinking so much that doesn’t even need to be thought out.

Well, I am just like you. I have recently discovered a study that says being lazy actually makes us stress more. While we feel in a lazy mood and not relaxed. We over think these thoughts like, “why am I lazy today? I’m not going to finish what I wanted today because I am still in bed! If I do it tomorrow I’m going to be behind…” this or that, you get what I am going at. 

I’ve been making excuses for myself already by the time I wake up. It stresses me out! So I’ve been trying to find exercises that will help me in the morning to mentally not think negative or just not for me to feel lazy. Its been really hard lately, but I know in the end God is always right there with me.

This might sound crazy to some of you, but usually when I’m in a bad mood or when I just don’t feel the “greatest”, I will just take a moment (while still lying in bed lol) and think about how blessed I am. The little things, the bad things, pretty much everything. I mentioned a few couple of times that when I used to live in AZ in the three years of my life of being crucially in pain (physical pain in my body) I honestly hated my life. Felt like a horrible nightmare I was living and never knew when it was going to end. I now look at today, my life, and now I’m more better than ever! Yes, I still have struggles, but glad they’re not as what they were before . Moments like these I will bring up to myself to remember the importance and how much that awful nightmare changed me for the better. 

To be honest with you all, I don’t know what I will be doing today… Sarina comes back home today… So joy :) (hehehehe)  

Have a blessed day guizzzz <3

xx Julz

Life’s Been Bitter Sweet

Monday, April 25, 2016 Permalink 0


I hope each every one of you are doing great! To start off I had a long past week! Worked everyday since last two Fridays ago! Yeah, twas a long freaking week!!! 

For all of you who watch my vlogs, I didn’t vlog that current week :( Because due to work, sleeping in til noon, and waking up past my alarm (which this happens all the time) I am never quite ready on time. So these past 9 long days… life’s been- rough haha. Although, the new job has been chill and interesting. Most of the time been crazy busy and on top of that while working, you lose track of time. Now we’re in the last week of April! Omg where has the time gone…?

Alright so enough about work… photos, photos, & more photos! I still have tons of pictures to go through and edit. Jeez, I maybe have over hundreds of photos still from my current little California trips and from my last trip in Dallas, Texas. 


I have so much to share and tell you guys. Though, I can easily just type right now. Just wouldn’t feel right to not show my true expressions to you all! 

Jjjyessss new videyo coming at yew… xD

Also so much more photos!!! I’m going to try to edit most of ‘em this week! Right now, I’m going to go out and find more places to go take photos. (And actually get ready… I’ve been feeling slummish lol)

Have a blessed day peeps xx

xx Julz

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