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Have any of you gotten so stressed that all you want to do is just be a potato? (sleep basically)

I have. It sucks. In my previous post I have mentioned about making a better change to my lifestyle. Truth is, I’ve tried and tried annnnd tried. Tried a lot of things to make my mornings more peaceful and less “lazy” that comes with getting up and not wanting to do anything except just stay in bed. 

Welp, short update on my life is this month has been a little more overwhelming. This other new job, I thought that would keep me sane, is not doing the favor at all. I show up at work and they tell me (and other fellow co workers) that they are changing the schedule for all the new hires. Meaning we as new hires won’t be working as much as the company said we would. Now my first other job that I’ve been working for the longest time as you all already know, its only part time with very little hours. So the California struggle has been very real to me as of now. 

My blogging and gaming life has also been ridiculously a weird roller coaster…

I’ll start with gaming! OKAY, so I got new headsets as some of you know, so I could start streaming again and GUESS FREAKING WHAT?!

One night I was just playing a regular game and heard a funny crack noise. At first I thought it was the jack that is used for the Xbox one controller. BUT nope! Complete silence through my headset and couldn’t hear the game. I am not sure what caused it, though I am certain it could’ve just been that one time. Since then I haven’t tried it again. I know! I know! I should…

Am going to,  just don’t know when. xD

Alright as far as blogging goes, I have a lot of photos! Downside is I have a lot of personal things I have to take care of in reality. As much as I want to take my ghetto beat up laptop to a coffee shop and just escape to the online world. I just can’t :(

I have unplanned situations come up everyday in my home (no I am not exaggerating, this is real life I am talking about). I’m not going to go into detail, but pursuing a passion you love so dearly is such an amazing great way to live. Distractions come up all the time, but when family makes their problem your problem, its honestly sucks.

I don’t have my own space here at home. So if you’re a genius, you can figure out the puzzle. 

There’s my little short rant update for today haha. Now onto to the NEWS!

Blogging has been a love/hate relationship for the past years ever since I started. But I love it so much that I’ve considered re-launching for the NEW COOLEST GOODIES I HAVE PLANNED FOR JULIEZABEE.COM! :) 

It’s very exciting and I cannot wait to share all the deetsss! I do not want to give everything a way so keep updated on twitter and instagram to know when the whole sheeebang happens! 

For now enjoy all these photos from Texas (not all), the beach, and daycations I have from the past few months. They are random so don’t worry there is more coming! :)

xx Julz

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Lifestyle | In The Works

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Hope you all are doing alright! :P I am doing swell perhaps. This new journey of mine is only the beginning and am very excited to see what is to come. I am trying a new lifestyle in my life, more of a mental and healthy change I will say.

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed and you just have no idea why!? Well, I have been feeling this way for some quite time when I am not working. At home I usually feel as if I did not have enough rest or something. I find it hard for me to get up with my mind over thinking so much that doesn’t even need to be thought out.

Well, I am just like you. I have recently discovered a study that says being lazy actually makes us stress more. While we feel in a lazy mood and not relaxed. We over think these thoughts like, “why am I lazy today? I’m not going to finish what I wanted today because I am still in bed! If I do it tomorrow I’m going to be behind…” this or that, you get what I am going at. 

I’ve been making excuses for myself already by the time I wake up. It stresses me out! So I’ve been trying to find exercises that will help me in the morning to mentally not think negative or just not for me to feel lazy. Its been really hard lately, but I know in the end God is always right there with me.

This might sound crazy to some of you, but usually when I’m in a bad mood or when I just don’t feel the “greatest”, I will just take a moment (while still lying in bed lol) and think about how blessed I am. The little things, the bad things, pretty much everything. I mentioned a few couple of times that when I used to live in AZ in the three years of my life of being crucially in pain (physical pain in my body) I honestly hated my life. Felt like a horrible nightmare I was living and never knew when it was going to end. I now look at today, my life, and now I’m more better than ever! Yes, I still have struggles, but glad they’re not as what they were before . Moments like these I will bring up to myself to remember the importance and how much that awful nightmare changed me for the better. 

To be honest with you all, I don’t know what I will be doing today… Sarina comes back home today… So joy :) (hehehehe)  

Have a blessed day guizzzz <3

xx Julz

Life’s Been Bitter Sweet

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I hope each every one of you are doing great! To start off I had a long past week! Worked everyday since last two Fridays ago! Yeah, twas a long freaking week!!! 

For all of you who watch my vlogs, I didn’t vlog that current week :( Because due to work, sleeping in til noon, and waking up past my alarm (which this happens all the time) I am never quite ready on time. So these past 9 long days… life’s been- rough haha. Although, the new job has been chill and interesting. Most of the time been crazy busy and on top of that while working, you lose track of time. Now we’re in the last week of April! Omg where has the time gone…?

Alright so enough about work… photos, photos, & more photos! I still have tons of pictures to go through and edit. Jeez, I maybe have over hundreds of photos still from my current little California trips and from my last trip in Dallas, Texas. 


I have so much to share and tell you guys. Though, I can easily just type right now. Just wouldn’t feel right to not show my true expressions to you all! 

Jjjyessss new videyo coming at yew… xD

Also so much more photos!!! I’m going to try to edit most of ‘em this week! Right now, I’m going to go out and find more places to go take photos. (And actually get ready… I’ve been feeling slummish lol)

Have a blessed day peeps xx

xx Julz

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Cheers To New Adventures! Woo

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HEY GUYS!!! WHAT IS UP!?!?!?!?

Hope everyone of you have been doing well and enjoying this spring season! :)

Few updates I’m sure I have not yet mentioned on le blog that I started my new job (well… second job, most importantly its my priority right now), but am very excited to see where it leads me! New fresh start to something different. Working at this new job has been exciting, nerve wrecking, anxious, busy, and totally different experience that is awesomely cool.

Another update is I am working on something I never thought would happen, but its exciting and again, just cool! Eeeeeek! *screams silently* 

Last update, been on a few adventures with my grandma. Just spending time with her too. Been exploring more of California because there is just so much to see! Been to Dallas, Fortworth, Rockwall Texas and its so freaking beautiful!!!! (I want to live there now hehe) Can’t wait to explore Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington as my next two adventures soon :) Hoping and praying that Florida and New York will happen this year. Its been a plan to go to Florida this year for about 2 years now. New York has been a dream of mine since I can remember!!!! xD

All I know is its in His plan. Life is so unsuspecting that anything that can happen. Hope whatever happens it’ll overwhelm me so much that I’ll be able to share it with you guys! :)

Okay… Onto my latest photos! Here are just few edited photos from my explorations. More coming your way! 

xx Julz


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February coming to an end already :( My life as I know it, I am going to be twenty-five years old in two years! Obviously I am thinking way ahead, but it literally just hit me. I know what you’re pondering… ” that’s still young? “. My answer to you is YES, I KNOW. I may look like an eighteen year old or a twenty year old, but you see- I don’t feel like that at all because I still cannot believe my life has past me by. 

Through my struggles and hard times in my past, it has felt like none of it has ever happened. Looking back at those times, it just seemed like I was stuck in a really horrible dream for three years. As much as I wished it was a dream, I am beyond thankful that it has made me a stronger person I am today. Especially my sister too. She’s seen it all and has been through it all. 

My journey through this lifestyle is only the beginning. Our hard times, our worse moments, those really bad days where we wish we never have had to experience… those are our stories to tell and show what kind of journey it had led us to. 

Just like these photos below. I never would have thought I would be led to photography, moving back to California, and to this beach where it was really freezing as it was 54 degrees! (Yes, I am being totally serious!) BUT I managed through to take these photos and suck it up as we were dying a little inside. *derp*

Life as we know it will keep continuing with hard and exciting times through out our lives. More opportunities will unlock and will be fulfilled with our dreams that becomes our reality. I know that’s what I’ve been striving for and I plan on continuing this journey with passion.

Failing doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Simply it drives you to be more wiser to succeed. It may take longer than expected, but that’s why the unexpected is more satisfying. 

You never know what extraordinary plan God will have for You til he gives the unexpected♥ 

xx Julz
p.s. Gods’ pretty sarcastic in His literature sometimes, so prepare to laugh when He answers.   

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