Life’s Been Bitter Sweet

Monday, April 25, 2016 Permalink 0


I hope each every one of you are doing great! To start off I had a long past week! Worked everyday since last two Fridays ago! Yeah, twas a long freaking week!!! 

For all of you who watch my vlogs, I didn’t vlog that current week :( Because due to work, sleeping in til noon, and waking up past my alarm (which this happens all the time) I am never quite ready on time. So these past 9 long days… life’s been- rough haha. Although, the new job has been chill and interesting. Most of the time been crazy busy and on top of that while working, you lose track of time. Now we’re in the last week of April! Omg where has the time gone…?

Alright so enough about work… photos, photos, & more photos! I still have tons of pictures to go through and edit. Jeez, I maybe have over hundreds of photos still from my current little California trips and from my last trip in Dallas, Texas. 


I have so much to share and tell you guys. Though, I can easily just type right now. Just wouldn’t feel right to not show my true expressions to you all! 

Jjjyessss new videyo coming at yew… xD

Also so much more photos!!! I’m going to try to edit most of ‘em this week! Right now, I’m going to go out and find more places to go take photos. (And actually get ready… I’ve been feeling slummish lol)

Have a blessed day peeps xx

xx Julz

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