PINK Haul | Sunday, California

Sunday, March 29, 2015 Permalink 0

WHATS UP FRIENDS. Went shopping maybe 2 months ago haha… BUT finally got around to take the photos and share what I got. 

I never really shopped at PINK before til just recently told myself I wanted to be fit and maybe at least look cute while working out? Or just in my own kind of lifestyle I like to dress comfortable (typical Julz lookin’ homeless and what not…) a lot of the times. :)

To be fair though, I have no filter. I really don’t care what people think of me unlike most girls who can’t leave their house without brushed hair and a full face of (as the beauty experts like to call it) “natural” make up. 

The way I see it is, if you’re comfortable then do what makes you feel comfortable. Of course I might embarrass my family when they go out with me because of how I look or dress (no lie they make me change my clothes if its ridiculous to them…) but respectfully I’ll do so, although occasionally I’ll get away with it here and there haha.

Anyways back to my shopping… ⇓⇓⇓

Yes… I LOVE SWEAT PANTS. :) But am very excited to do a “Lazy Outfit of the Day” look for you all. Show you guys how I look on the streets of California. Hippie style? 

Everyone for spring break is here in California and since the music festival Coachella is coming up that people around here are dressing up Bohemian and Hippie-ish styles? Hahaha I would love to go to Florida or Cabo for spring break. If only, if only. Someday.   

Burgundy with Stripes | #ootd

Tuesday, March 3, 2015 Permalink 0

WHATS UP FRIENDS! EXCITING NEWS! :) If you ever had watched me on twitch or follow me on my snapchat then you should already know that I have bought a monitor! FINALLY! YAY! :)

Am very overwhelm with working and trying to catch up with my priorities as well. SO MUCH. Aaaggghhhh life is difficult. Wish I didn’t have to worry (in reality I don’t but…) I tend to over think and get anxiety when I think too far. :( ugh it sucks.

Anyways, what I am really eager about is that my grandma comes back home tomorrow from Texas (from visiting family). :D Can’t wait to see her!

Alright, onto my burgundy stripes casual outfit. I love the burgundy color especially if its in the patterns of plaid and stripes. 

 Burgundy sweater // Tillys | Sunglasses //Nordstrom BP | Beanie // Zumiez 

This sweater is very soft and comfortable! OMG! Its the BEST. I would seriously tell you to buy one because its so soft and cozy! 

Anyways the brand is fulltilt essentials. They are always affordable too. :) Well must be going. Am going to get me some free pancakes from IHOP! :) YUM!

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Sunday Afternoon | #CloudyCalifornia

Sunday, February 22, 2015 Permalink 0

AFTERNOON AWESOME HUMAN BEINGS. I am currently writing this short post today because I felt in need to blog!

I am trying to keep up and blog as much as I can. Hope everyone is doing awesome on this shady cloudy weather here in Californa… Its a bit cold but quite noice (praying for rain). I have to work later today and it sucks. I just wanted to relax, but noooo…

Anyways, I went to church this morning and then to the mall after to buy some PINK stuff because I never really owned anything from there haha! I got like four pieces of clothing and can’t wait to share :) 

Alright now to these photos below! Found some old photos and wanted to show you guys.

The red outfit is from a year and a half ago. Man, I miss my long hair (ugh… remember that guys? Terrible.) and back when I was in shape too… (still need to do so haha).

Also miss Kristine :( My friends and other family friends. Can’t wait to see everyone soon. 

Well am going to get off now and start getting ready for work… :'( Talk to y’all soon.

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Lazy Outfit Coffee Break // California’s Style

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 Permalink 0

Afternoon everyone! Working a lot this week… am already exhausted (meh can’t wait to go home). I hope everyone is doing well! :)

The other day I went out to run errands and thought to take photos as well. Curled my hair to try something new. Can’t believe my curls came out awesome because I’ve had short hair for awhile and its been quite sometime since I have curled my hair. So I am very happy the way it came out! 

California has its bi polar weather and this day it was hot but very cold once it hit 5 pm. It was a comfy outfit for the day/night. 

I wore my blue Aeropostale crop tank with some harem jogger pants (very comfortable by the way… which I have gotten from Fashion Q). My shoes are from Tilly’s, they are freaking awesome! And of course my go to favorite beanie :)

Its been amusing with California’s sunsets lately. Just so peaceful and mind blowing. 

Cannot wait to be able to travel to many more spontaneous adventures across California all the way to the East Coast. Hopefully within this year. I want to touch every lake, every ocean, and witness every states horizon. One day.

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Purple Plaid Hoodie // #Tillysootd

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 Permalink 1

HI FRIENDS! I know, its been too long. BUT I am here now and ready to show you more outfit photos from the other day.

Again, this is my favorite hoodie from Tilly’s (my favorite store if you still have not figured that one out yet…) and on top of that my favorite colors combined. It is so comfortable! OMG! 

Also, I wear this beanie all the time. I absolutely love it! Its an exclusive just only available at Tilly’s. Take a look!

On the cool side… it is starting to get colder here in California! I AM SO EXCITED. California has been still bi polar, but it has been quite delightful here. :)

Anyways, more photos to come! Still have to take care of adult stuff… (ugh). Sometimes being an adult sucks. 

Talk to you guys soon   xx

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