Lazy Outfit Coffee Break // California’s Style

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 Permalink 0

Afternoon everyone! Working a lot this week… am already exhausted (meh can’t wait to go home). I hope everyone is doing well! :)

The other day I went out to run errands and thought to take photos as well. Curled my hair to try something new. Can’t believe my curls came out awesome because I’ve had short hair for awhile and its been quite sometime since I have curled my hair. So I am very happy the way it came out! 

California has its bi polar weather and this day it was hot but very cold once it hit 5 pm. It was a comfy outfit for the day/night. 

I wore my blue Aeropostale crop tank with some harem jogger pants (very comfortable by the way… which I have gotten from Fashion Q). My shoes are from Tilly’s, they are freaking awesome! And of course my go to favorite beanie :)

Its been amusing with California’s sunsets lately. Just so peaceful and mind blowing. 

Cannot wait to be able to travel to many more spontaneous adventures across California all the way to the East Coast. Hopefully within this year. I want to touch every lake, every ocean, and witness every states horizon. One day.

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