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Tuesday, March 3, 2015 Permalink 0

WHATS UP FRIENDS! EXCITING NEWS! :) If you ever had watched me on twitch or follow me on my snapchat then you should already know that I have bought a monitor! FINALLY! YAY! :)

Am very overwhelm with working and trying to catch up with my priorities as well. SO MUCH. Aaaggghhhh life is difficult. Wish I didn’t have to worry (in reality I don’t but…) I tend to over think and get anxiety when I think too far. :( ugh it sucks.

Anyways, what I am really eager about is that my grandma comes back home tomorrow from Texas (from visiting family). :D Can’t wait to see her!

Alright, onto my burgundy stripes casual outfit. I love the burgundy color especially if its in the patterns of plaid and stripes. 

 Burgundy sweater // Tillys | Sunglasses //Nordstrom BP | Beanie // Zumiez 

This sweater is very soft and comfortable! OMG! Its the BEST. I would seriously tell you to buy one because its so soft and cozy! 

Anyways the brand is fulltilt essentials. They are always affordable too. :) Well must be going. Am going to get me some free pancakes from IHOP! :) YUM!

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