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Sunday, February 22, 2015 Permalink 0

AFTERNOON AWESOME HUMAN BEINGS. I am currently writing this short post today because I felt in need to blog!

I am trying to keep up and blog as much as I can. Hope everyone is doing awesome on this shady cloudy weather here in Californa… Its a bit cold but quite noice (praying for rain). I have to work later today and it sucks. I just wanted to relax, but noooo…

Anyways, I went to church this morning and then to the mall after to buy some PINK stuff because I never really owned anything from there haha! I got like four pieces of clothing and can’t wait to share :) 

Alright now to these photos below! Found some old photos and wanted to show you guys.

The red outfit is from a year and a half ago. Man, I miss my long hair (ugh… remember that guys? Terrible.) and back when I was in shape too… (still need to do so haha).

Also miss Kristine :( My friends and other family friends. Can’t wait to see everyone soon. 

Well am going to get off now and start getting ready for work… :'( Talk to y’all soon.

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