Sunlight Bliss | California

Thursday, October 2, 2014 Permalink 0

 Hi Friends! Here I finally have the sunset photos for you! Seriously, this was the most amazing experience ever. California is a beau for sure. Definitely peaceful and just crazy awesome scenery. The colors were absolutely phenomenal. 

I arrived at this beautiful place (forgot the name) and caught the people in the photos in action. A couple and mostly people on their phones taking in the beauty as well. The breeze was blissful. I’ve never felt such peacefulness and inhaled such beauty. If ever in California you MUST go to the end of the coast of California and take in every moment you will experience in natures beauty. I can’t even explain how happy you will feel once you’ve seen with your eyes.

This sunlight bliss is beyond unbelievable. It really looks like a moving painting when you walk up to the edge where the ocean lies. Beyond magical.

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xx Julz

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