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WHATS GOOD EVERYONE! Or goodnight? (haha) It is actually 11:34 pm right now. But I took the challenge to write about myself to give a little insight on who I am as the very first challenge. (Alex Beadon made me do it) ;)

#1 WHO AM I?

Well I am Julieza! (hence JuliezaBee.com) I am currently going to be 21 years old this month and most people don’t know this from the fashion blogging side of me, but I love to play videogames. I use to play a lot back when I lived in Arizona, but since I moved down here in good ole’ California, I really don’t have space to set up my gaming equipment right now. Sooner or later though, I will have a space of my own to continue playing with new and old friends. :) 

A fun fact about me is I am full on 100% Mexican. Yes… I know. “What!? I thought you were white?

Why, yes my friend, I am a white – washed Mexican. Meaning, I look white, but have the long Hispanic last name that people seem to mess up on my important documented papers and Hispanic blood through my veins.

#2 Why Did You Start Blogging?

Well- ever since I can remember I loved to write. Which is why I always enjoyed writing essays in my English class back in High School. However, I started blogging because I wanted to share my journey with everyone who might want to follow and share their journey with me as well. I also loved meeting all these cool people (who also blogged) from all over the world! I’ve met so many friends and can’t wait to meet many more!

#3 Who Is Your Blog For?

If you love and have interest in other peoples lives- then you can say my blog is more of a Lifestyle Blog, but if you love life, nature, video games, fashion, weird funny photos, photography, California, writing… well- hey! Looks like I’m writing just for you! :) 

#4 What’s Something You’re REALLY proud of at the moment?

To be honest I am going to sound like a total nerd right now… I have been saving up for the white Xbox One that comes out this month and I’M REALLY SUPER EXCITED LIKE YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I CANNOT WAIT TO ACTUALLY HAVE IT.

#5 What’s the ONE MESSAGE that you hope people take away from your blog?

I hope you or anyone who is sitting behind their computer right now, that you can understand that I am just like you. I want to inspire YOU and show you that anything is possible with faith and encouragement from a stranger to your loved ones.

I want you to know that your just as awesome and amazing as you think you are! Expect to have a smile or a good giggle at my photos and sense of humor. :)

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  • MissLadyinLavender
    October 18, 2014

    Hi Julieza! (Very pretty name, by the way) It’s very nice to come up visit your blog here. I love video games too, but I never play them mostly because I’m not very good at them (a few exceptions apply). But I love watching my brothers play them instead. I hope to get a space for your video gaming system soon! I also agree it is fun becoming friends and “meeting” with other bloggers all over the world. It sometimes feels that if you know them or read their blog enough, they aren’t miles and miles away, but just a car trip or less. Which I think is both interesting and weird at the same time.

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