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HI FRIENDS. I have more funny weird photos of my sister… 

Today I am doing day 2 of #FeelGoodBlogging challenge. I am going to explain why I am so passionate about what I do.

What’s the story behind why you do what you do?

Before I get down to the details, I want to tell you first that I am really passionate inspiring others. I put my gaming nerdness and fashion together to inspire all ladies and gents who might have similar interests, but can’t seem to express their feelings about it.

So why? Why I am so passionate? Well- to start off I didn’t get into blogging til I was about 19 last January of 2013. I started to get into video games more when I was living in Arizona. Also got more into fashion about the same time I started blogging. I used to be really shy and never really was an outgoing person before, but all that has changed. :)

I do what I do because inspiring others makes me the happiest person ever. The internet has grown over the past two years and makes me really wish I knew of blogs back when I was in high school instead of just Tumblr or YouTube, because I think my teen years would have been a little bit more interesting and interactive with more of the blog sphere.

You see, I was really sick my 3 years of high school. Still to this day no doctor can diagnose me with a specific disease. I learned really fast about doctors and all kind of specialists. My whole journey of being sick, I lost hope a few times because I was told these strange symptoms and crucial pains were never going to stop. That this was something I was going to have to live with for the rest of my life.

With all the doctor visits and one surgery in my life time I started getting frustrated and just lost hope one day. I had no idea why my family and I was going through this difficult time and why no doctors wanted to help. I had a single mom and a younger sister. My mom was let go of her job, and I for sure didn’t have a job because of my illness. I would always feel like I was living in a nightmare. My grandma and grandpa were the only ones taking care of us making sure we were making it. As I look back, God was on our side watching over us, because honestly when we could have been living on the street, people we knew and family would help out, A LOT. And I can’t thank God enough for keeping us strong and kept us moving forward. 

For 3 and half years living in pain emotionally and physically, I was just talking to God one day while I was 18 years old lying in my bed; “I don’t know why you are letting this happen, or why I am in this pain everyday. Whatever you have planned, I’m okay with it. Because I know you are the only one who can cure me.”

A few months later, I went to my last and final hospital visit in early November of 2012. One week after of still the same “I’m sorry, but there is nothing we can do” speech from the doctor, Monday morning rolled around and I felt completely better. No pains at all whatsoever. I thought maybe it was just that day, but then Tuesday came along and yet another day I felt like a new person! My long 3 and half years of pain was over. After prayer and after prayer, God had finally answered them. :) It was a week I will never forget.  

This is where my passion of inspiring others comes into play. I want to encourage the weak and the mighty, inspire the youngsters and elders, to share my journey with theirs. I want this to be a place where any body can relate. I am so passionate about helping others with a little encouragement and daily inspiration. Where ever this blog may lead me to, my goal is to travel and share my story or maybe even write a book sometime on my past. A very long 3 years, an odd and mysterious journey of mine. I know there is more horrific stories and journeys out there that have been maybe even worse than mine. But that is why I want to inspire through my fashion and gaming and even lifestyle. 

Whether I meet you through xbox live, my blog, in my personal life, or whatever… I’m always going to be a friend that you can talk to. :) To be honest if I didn’t go through such misery for 3 and half years, I don’t know if I would be still passionate about the same things that I am today? Huh, weird to think? Right?

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  • Ivan Siladji
    October 23, 2014

    What an amazing story especially being in your early 20s. God is great. And this is evidence. Your passion is powerful and will transform a lot of lives. Thanks


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