Babcock & Story | California♥

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I know long time, well- a month? Maybe? Oh well the awesome thing is I have more photos to show! YAY!

I have mentioned before about Babcock & Story and their delicious desserts, but last year before Christmas my grandma and I went to have hot coffee and a warm snack to eat. I love coming to this part of the city because of the beautiful sunsets during our winter here in California. 

The lovely weather is so refreshing (even though it’s freezing I still love to be bundled up) and not to mention the cute ice skating rink they have outside the hotel which is incomparable. 

I mean who gets to say they’ve ice skated literally by the beach!? (This Girl) *points at self* 

Just wanted to say the Lord has blessed my grandma and I to be able to spend time together a lot more. Its been a long struggle from last year with her battling breast cancer. However, a miracle from the one and only God himself- He’s the reason my grandma is still here today. Praise God.

And whatever you may be going through yourself just know God is never going to leave your side. Trust me there is still Hope and having strong Faith, Lord is going to come through himself! 

I call to You from the end of the earth when my heart is weak. Lead me to the rock that is higher than I. ~Psalms 61:2

Just a little update for you all as I’ve been gone. Have a lovely day!
 p.s. btw going to be blogging more often
xx Julz

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Can’t believe its already 2016! Whoa.

To be honest… I missed you all so so so MUCH. I know its been quite some time since my presence has been on le blog or le YouTube. Last year (during fall time), was pretty hectic for me…

As I’ve said before I had two jobs; one being a full time nanny which paid me like craaaaaazzzzzzy good and then my part time retail job. That being said I am no longer a full time nanny (as for now), so for the time being I am just working at my part time job til I can apply for the one job I’ve been waiting for a year now!  

The job pays more than minimum wage here in California which I desperately need. All positions for this company starts in February which am sooooo excited for! I am going to be putting in my resume in just a few days as soon as the positions open up on their website. Eeeeeeeekkk! :)

Other news is I am going to be focusing on my blog this year more than ever. I hate that I’ve abused my time because I was so caught up on how to pay my bills. But this time, I’ve saved money from my nanny job to use towards my bills for the upcoming months so I wouldn’t have to worry when the time came. Am pretty smart, eh? ;)

ANOTHER COOL SIDE NOTE is I have tons of photos I’ve been looking forward to show you guys. Most are from last year and from just recently. :) 

Welp, have an awesome lovely day peeps! Am gonna go kill my sister now since she just spilled hot chocolate on my bed… UGH! 
xx Julz 



Texas Adventure | California

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I know it’s been super long since the last time I was here… Been pretty busy with my schedule with both jobs and now my sinuses, allergies have been acting up as well. 

(Migraines suck… have a minor headache right now… *sad face*)

On with my ‘Texas Adventure’, like I’ve said it was quite an adventure all right. Did lots of walking and eating. Different atmosphere, not what I’ve expected, but was in love with the scenery. :) I have to say the sunsets were stunning.

My grandma and I stayed in two hotels, which there was a big difference in both. We stayed in a fancy shmancy hotel on the first night then our second night was at our favorite

The Bestwestern Plus hotel was (our favorite in my opinion) 5 out of 5 stars! Customer service was amazing. Bedrooms were expected as presented on their website. Pleasant sight and amazing breakfast too! (YUM!)

There is still so much more to see in Texas itself and I cannot wait to see everything! 

Also cannot wait to take you guys along with me :) 

p.s. next year is going to be a different experience… keep on the look out.

xx Julz

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To Be Continued… | California

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Hope you all are having an amazing day!

I thought to show you a couple of photos from when I was in San Antonio, Texas! It sure  was exciting and different from what I’m used to here in California. :)

This week is going to be crazy  for me. There are so many things I have to do (like catch up on sleep… lol) But I’m not gonna get into that right now. *Perhaps later on le vlog? hehe* ;)  

I will be putting more photos up this week; from the hotel, the airplane, and just the trip itself. (Be sure to check back when those are up and live here on my blog). And I cannot wait to visit again, because it was an awesome adventure! :)

To be continued…

xx Julz

Hollywood | LA, California

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I’m at work right now, so by the time you read this I would probably be slaving away. 

It was a few weeks ago when my grandma and I had went to Hollywood in California. We had saw the Hollywood mall, Hollywood walk of fame, and went to Hollywood Hills to see the downtown from the mountain itself. It was a spontaneous trip. 

The scenery was very beautiful and mesmerizing. Very crowded and very loud. 

There are many shops along the street as well. Hollywood Blvd is the main street I believe that takes you to the hollywood walk of fame. 

If you ever go, expect a lot of music, people dressed in costumes, & of course the rich and the famous celebrities.

Enjoy the photos from my trip there! :) 

xx Julz

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