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HI FRIENDS. Hope you all are doin wonderful! :)

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been on my blog and the lack of communication on all of my social media as well. Been super busy… Ugh… But I thought to just share my heart out in this blog post today. So, here it goes…

My reality has become more hectic and fatigue. Dealing with two jobs and very rare that I have a day off during the week. Thought it would be easy just like living in Arizona was. In Arizona I had two jobs and all I had to do was take care of myself. Which, don’t get me wrong- it was also hard; but back in Arizona… I was more at peace than I am here. Maybe because I’m back with my family and the problems that I am surrounded by. Still unease unfortunately.  

There has been many opportunities here that I’ve been given and approached by. Sometimes overwhelming with anxiety and me being over stressed about it. xD Reminding myself almost all the time, God is in control. 

To be honest with you peeps, I am so scared to take these opportunities. I might seem like this outgoing weirdo here on the inter-webs, but believe me when I say I am probably the most shyest person to meet. Okay. I lied. I use to be shy, but I am still shy! Beneath this shy smile, I am what you guys already see on my blog, youtube, stream… and that’s only the half of it.

“What do you do when everything gets too much”? I reminded myself of that question for the past few months now. I keep ignoring it. I hate to think of what I need to do to “relax” because that word doesn’t exist in my world. I’m always on the go. Always constantly thinking of new ideas for youtube and for the blog. My life revolves around work and my “online” life. I never want to stop. I guess its a good thing? Or a negative? Maybe both perhaps? 

My reality revolves around a goal I’m constantly working on. Maybe not an exact goal, but- a Dream. This dream makes me happy and excited. I want it to continue to be that way. 

My Dream is to make other people Happy by what I do and love to do. I want to inspire you to be aspired. Travel the world to put a face to your name. To really know you genuinely on a personal level. Showing you guys that there is still Hope in this wicked world. Life can have its tolls, but from all the worst pain to the happiest joy- I never once lost Hope. 

xx Julz

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