Hiking Potato Mountain | California

Tuesday, January 6, 2015 Permalink 0

Hi guys! This is the continuation of my tiring 3 hour hike! Here are more photos! I have to make this a bit quick because of time, I have to get ready for work ;( mehhh…

Okay lets be honest, I took a photo of that girls socks because I really just loved her socks with her shoes… (haha I love crazy long socks…) Other than that I loved the view from each stop I made (because I couldn’t keep up haha…) It was beyond phenomenal! I literally saw the whole west coast of ocean. Beyond words I was speechless.

After our one hour hike back down, we went grubbin’ on some In N Out :) WE WERE STARVING OKAY.

I don’t like burgers whatsoever, so I always usually get animal fries. Yum :) 

Well I need to go for now. Talk to y’all very soon  xx

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