T U E S D A Y Morning // Barona

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Tuesday morning the next day, (continuing from last post) we had to leave early because I had to go to work. Although I was happy because I did get a cappuccino from the bakery. So delicious by the way. 

As I woke up that morning, the back view (of the hotel from our balcony) is so freakin’ beautiful! Take a look!

Morning Cup


Barona Hotel


My Sister trying to take a Cool Picture


Cappucino for the Road


My Grandma
Photography // Julieza Bee


As you can see the back view is absolutely amazing! The lake and golf course looks right out a movie. For some reason whenever I stay here at Barona, I always feel like I am in another country because of the scenery. Its very secluded. Hills everywhere which look kind of like Ireland believe it or not.

It is a definite place to stay at if you ever are in Southern California. :)

Talk to you cool peeps later! xx

xx Julz 

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