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This has been on my mind lately and thought it would be an awesome topic to write about :) 

I’ve always wanted to travel the world and explore new places. Taking spontaneous adventures everywhere I can think of. As I’m approaching another terrible “two” in my early twenties, I wanted to be somewhere at this point in my life “career” wise. It’s unthinkable to know that I am twenty one; because of how short I am and maybe- sometimes the way I dress…

Any who, I am going to be twenty-two (in October… I know, I know, still a couple of months but still!) and been wanting to travel since I was eighteen! That’s a long freakin’ time ago! I want to still keep following this dream that will soon be my reality. I have many dreams, but this ONE is realistic.

I want to experience new scents, I’m not really sure of. Enjoy the scenery while nature’s living organisms are breathing. Examining the skies’ flawless beauty as it fades to nighttime gorgeous. Just taking in every second I have on new dust, dirt, sand I haven’t bare with before. 

Exciting to say that this fall I want to go somewhere I’ve never gone before for new content. 

You guys from my blog, youtube, twitch, etc; I want to show and prove to you that it is possible to be passionate towards a dream that you love and care deeply about. 

I have what every single person has in this economy today… financial problems. 

I might not be able to get very far with what I love and care about, but its a step. A tiny baby step to my dream. Not that I can’t go to another state, its I won’t. Because I have every excuse that I tell myself over and over again. Work gets in the way, financially won’t allow myself to go, or maybe I’m telling myself “someday“. 

But, when is “someday” going to be?

I told myself a few months ago, I was going to keep reminding myself to “not be afraid” to live out my dream. Because I’ve been putting it on hold and has been an “off and on” work in progress kinda thing.

My heart tells me to stop contradicting my baby step, and make it happen. Living life positive everyday. Being a blessing to be blessed. 

Instead of wasting my time, slaving to someone else’s dream… I need to live out mine.

Photos from WeHeartIt

I know I’ll succeed, just being patient on His timing. 

“But you’re still young…” They say.

Being young doesn’t last forever…” I say.


More photos coming…

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