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HEY FRIENDS! Sorry for the late post… my sister wanted to go to Starbucks and type her essay somewhere “peaceful“.  Funny how this is the noisiest place right now…

(Even with my earphones on…)

Anyways, this tea is a detox from MateFit.Me and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT.

It comes with two different types of tea. Metabolism and the Detox. And I had also bought the pink cup :)

To be honest though, I have been skipping both products for the past 2 days. With me, the con of this detox is that its a daily routine that you have to get use to. As you can tell I am not completely all in for it. BUT don’t get me wrong, it has worked wonders! 

And one thing I absolutely can’t stand is the taste of the Metabolism tea… yuck!

The pros I have experienced with the Metabolism tea is it has giving me a little bit more energy than usual. Which has helped a lot! Even with my awful eating habits, where as I would eat because I was bored most of the time.

The Detox tea was a bit different. The taste was way better than the Metabolism one that’s for sure. This particular detox helps clean out your system.

 I know sounds gross… but hey, my bloated tummy has been improving xD so I’m happy!

Anyhow, my overall review for matefit me is it works for anyone. I’ve started seeing results after three days! Now, I don’t know about you, but it took me by surprise. 

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