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Saturday, October 4, 2014 Permalink 0

HELLO WONDERFUL COOL FRIENDS!!! Another day in my life from Monday where I went to do errands, but also went to Krispy Kremes! Yum! It was National Coffee Day!? So I have no idea where the “coffee day” came from, but I guess every place that was some sort of cafe was giving free coffee or something like that. 

Though I did go to Krispy Kremes with my sister and enjoyed a doughnut and a iced coffee. The ONLY thing I didn’t like is they were only giving away a small free hot coffee… Like, what? It was still hot outside and they wouldn’t even give us ice? It was really stupid. But I knew it was the manager that owned the place that didn’t want to compromise… Other than that we ended up just getting iced cold coffees. Hmm

Anyways, I have planned to do a full photo session just based on this outfit I had wore Monday. Don’t worry, it will be soon. I just wanted to show a glimpse of the main style and colors I wanted to go for! :)  

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