Nordstrom’s Cafe | Downtown San Diego

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Whats up my cool friends! I went to breakfast last Saturday with my grandma and sister. Never had Nordstrom’s breakfast before at their cafe. So it was a sweet surprise. 

It was quite delicious. They had a breakfast sandwich which was amazing and the only downside is we had to describe that instead of hot coffee my sister and I wanted iced coffee. Simply telling the cashier girl we needed a cup of ice, coffee, creamer, sugar, pretty much the whole shabang! 

First of all I don’t understand why they don’t serve iced coffee? It’s such a popular demand nowadays in America. Like am I the only one who thinks that? Haha

Okay so I want to live there. How beautiful are those apartments? One of these days I suppose, I shall bloom into an adult and actually live in my very own apartment. Even though I could right now, but I am in much need of a full time job… Sucks to not have found the right place for me to be happy. To love my job basically.

Any ways, back to Nordstrom’s cafe… haha. The view is amazing while sitting by the window or outside in their patio. So beyond magnificent. The colors from all the surroundings are blissful. Creatively imagining from a photographers point of view. 

Now I am not a sweets’ person so, no. I did not eat that Crème brûlée. I mean, I did eat the cake and my sandwich. Those were good… Overall, everything was splendid. 

Will be taking more photos today! Super stoked xx

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