Is Winter Coming Anytime Soon To California?

Thursday, November 13, 2014 Permalink 1

HELLO GUYS! Long time no talk… Been going through a lot lately, but I am not going to let the negative get to me. STAYING POSITIVE AND JUST GOING DAY BY DAY. 

Any way, just wanted to share my crazy November weather with you all on how it is here in California. Sometimes its cold where just laying down in your bed all day is what this weather wants to make you do, then comes along the next day it is super hot and sweaty weather that simply reminds you of those hot summer nights. This is confusing and pretty bi polar. So, when is winter coming to California?

My answer is Winter won’t be showing up til probably close to early December week. I had this really awesome outfit idea but since I never know what kind of day California wants to have, its kind of hard to choose the outfit I want to share with you guys. As I’ve mentioned before I have gotten this beautiful color plaid hoodie from Tilly’s and I am absolutely in love with it! Of course, I had to pair it with something simple and weather appropriate for this day I took these photos. (Obviously still hot haha sneak peak into one of my winter outfits)

Here are some photos from that day, but I will show the final touches of the actual outfit photos I will be sharing this weekend.

Talk to you guys soon     xx

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