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This third challenge from Alex Beadon, got me scared. I was like “What!?” Where was I going to think of an How To tutorial this late at night? (currently 11:16 pm) Well I am into fashion so then it came to mind that I never want to get up early and never really want to wear nothing, but sweats and a t-shirt. So I came up with the idea of how to look decent without smelling like 2 hours of hard work you had put into your closet to find that one outfit.

Here ladies and gents, I will tell you my secret of how I get well dressed (hipster decent style perhaps?) in less than 20 minutes!  

Okay, first step in a last minute scenario… Choosing Your Outfit

Alright so you are leaving your place in half an hour because you told your friends you were going to meet them at the beach! Okay, so you already know where you’re going, now to choose the right outfit for this occasion.

You always want to go basic, because black and white is always right. (Haha that rhymed…) So you might or might not want to go in the water so you grab you’re swimsuit just in case or wear under your clothes.

If you are a dude, then this is easy. Grab your swim trunks and wear em like shorts! Two: you need to find the shirt that will match a lighter color of your swimming trunks; if you go basic then a basic polo shirt will do!

If you are a lovely lady, then girl you need to grab your swimsuit and put that underneath your clothes (just in case). Swim shorts or normal denim shorts you will wear. Two: find a shirt that will best match your bottoms to your swimsuit because color schemes are best way to match.

Next step is Hair

“Why is this important?” Because it is. 

Dudes, you need to do a comb over? (I think that is what its called) and pair it with some fancy shades and you are good to go!

Ladies, hair down or high ponytail looks amazing either way. If you go with your hair down, make sure you scrunch your hair with either water or if you have salt spray then that will do! Going for a high ponytail, wear stud earrings because that will give a cute yet settled finish to your outfit. 

There you have it friends! I know this is simple and short, but seriously people ask me all the time how do I get ready so fast? 

Well now, only you guys know my secret… I only stick with basic. ;)

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  • Arica
    October 20, 2014

    This post is great! Better to keep it basic, although I know when I get told I have to meet people in 30 min I panic and am running around like a banshee to make sure I look cute! haha :)

    Arica, xxo

    • Chasmine
      March 9, 2015

      The accident of finding this post has brnhtgeied my day

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