A Day in Beverly Hills | California

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HELLO FRIENDS. Just got out of the shower and eating lunch for my evening. I’ve tried my detox and metabolistic boost tea, wait – I lied… haha… I just tried the metabolistic boost tea and the after taste…. ehh not feelin it :( but thats for another blog post story haha

So, where do I start because these photos were supposed to go out a long time ago! But I guess it has been a few weeks ago that Scrub and I had went to Beverly Hills in L.A :) It was an awesome experience. Never have I seen so many Range Rovers and Mercedes Benz in my life! I even saw seven Ferrari’s with my own eyes! And of all the cars that day, I was literally a step away from this business man in his Maserati! OMG! IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! 

 After all that, seeing all the fancy high expensive stores made me feel out of place. Every store, every associate, every security guard was dressed up ridiculously to the point it felt so intimidating just to even walk in! lol

I was dressed as a tourist but a lazy one. In fact I was wearing my pink raglan shirt, black leggings with my bright pink socks with my shoes. Yeah… pretty ratchet if you ask me. So as you can probably tell, yeah, I didn’t walk into any of the stores because it was very intimidating. 

Can’t wait to go back and experience the restaurants :) that’s the one thing we didn’t do. So that’s another thing to be added on the list. Also the mansions there are ridiculously HUGE. Unbelievably divining. GORGEOUS they are.

I must say the people are rich. Like celebrities, there were a few you would definitely see hanging around the restaurants. Just a few random people who you can tell that lived around in Beverly Hills and who also had a lot of money.

What a luxury dream to live? 

Hoping one day I can be as spoiled with a given opportunity to live out my dreams.

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