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HELLO FRIENDS OF THE INTERNET! Long time no talk, so it feels like on my side of the keyboard. Really wanted to make an outfit layout (since I’ve never really tried before) so I thought why not. Also went shopping on Labor Day, and got a few things. In the back of my mind I was thinking fall colors and fall weather. Honestly cannot wait til it starts to cool off here in Southern California! 

Anyways, got this awesome crop tee? (I think? haha) That says, “That’s Awesome” from H&M. :) And not to mention a magazine & this is embarrassing, but you can see my position of taking this photo… (just realized after I already edited haha).

H&M Outfit of the Day Layout


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I don’t know what I’ll be doing today, but definitely want to go and take more photos since it has been really nice outside lately. Either the beach or some where that is more urban with awesome view. Want to go shopping for more accessories, but I have to save my money because I have stupid jury duty soon (which by the way my job does not pay for), which sucks big time. ;(

More photos will be coming soon, make sure to be updated either Bloglovin’, twitter, facebook, etc. I am working on making a newsletter for those who read their emails more often than I do! (Haha) Talk to you all very soon! xx


xx Julz

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