Laguna Beach California // Road Trip

Sunday, October 12, 2014 Permalink 0

HI FRIENDS! I am back on this lovely day to show you part of my trip to Laguna Beach! My sister’s friend was in town for a little and we ended up going to Laguna Beach on Thursday to meet up with her. She is actually one of my photographers when I used to live back in AZ. 

We went to eat at a restaurant and then the beach right after. It was actually quite peaceful at the beach in Laguna. There wasn’t a lot of people and just felt really nice there. I wish I could live there. Its definitely a must see place here in California. 

The people, culture, and weather was pleasant. Maybe one day I’ll be able to call this place Home. :)

More Photos  on my Photography Page :) 

Will be doing another post on Laguna Beach with Street Photos :) See ya on the flipside!

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xx Julz

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